Cookies Policy

In accordance with regulations, Marketeer provides users with information relating to cookies and the reason for their use, as well as requesting your consent to use them.

Cookies are a tool used by web servers to store and retrieve information about their visitors. They are small text files sent to your computer to keep track of your preferences and remember them when you return to the page.

Marketeer uses cookies to facilitate website navigation and to achieve greater efficiency and personalization of the services offered to its users. These cookies can store information about users’ preferences and language in order to deliver content and special offers of interest according to their profile and record the number of times that a user is shown a particular message (generally developments in the website).

Some cookies are only allocated to your PC for the duration of your visit. These are called “session cookies” and automatically disappear when you close your browser. Marketeer does not use persistent cookies.

Users may freely decide whether to install these cookies on their hard drive or not. In this regard, users can set their browser to accept or reject all cookies by default, or receive a warning about each cookie, and decide on an individual basis, if they would like to accept its installation on their hard drive or not.

Since the cookies we install are generic for all the users of, if you would like to modify them, you should do so using your browser’s tools.

Marketeer uses cookies to remember your preferences. Remember that if you delete all the cookies, you will have to update your preferences with us, or if you use a different device, user profile or browser, you will have to tell us your preferences again.

Cookies are essential for the operation of the internet, offering many advantages in the provision of interactive services. However, their shared use between different websites has raised concern about the personalization of advertising space. This document will help you to understand the different levels of security associated with the cookies we use and the circumstances under which we request prior permission as a precondition for storage.

As an additional guarantee of the aforementioned, the record may be subject to your acceptance of cookies during installation or update of the browser used, and this acceptance may be revoked at any time by using the configuration and privacy options available.

Cookies Analytics

The essential cookies allow you to navigate the entire website and access certain secure areas such as the shopping basket or payment process. Marketeer uses these essential cookies to remember:

  • That you have already been identified as a Marketeer user.
  • That the users who are using your Marketeer have the possibility to view conversation history while they browse.

Marketeer uses the following cookies:

Name Description
mktr Stores a Marketeer user ID
mktr_g Configuration parameters of the Marketeer session
sessionid Stores a unique browsing session identifier
messages Stores system messages
csrftoken For sending forms
__utma (Google Analytics)
__utmb (Google Analytics)
__utmc (Google Analytics)
__utmz (Google Analytics)

Other Technical Cookies

These types of cookie provides us with information about your use of the website. For example, the pages you have visited, and if you have experienced any technical problems accessing certain pages. These cookies do not identify you since the information they collect is anonymous and will only be used to improve page design, website navigation, usage statistics, etc.

Cookies used by Google Analytics:

Name Decription
__utma (Google Analytics)
__utmb (Google Analytics)
__utmc (Google Analytics)
__utmz (Google Analytics)

Third Party Cookies for Personalizing Advertising Space or Behavioral Advertising

Marketeer does not use “ad servers” or cookies linked to users for profiling based on preferences and behavior.

Should Marketeer decide to use them in the future, you will be expressly given prior warning to opt to accept or reject their use via a notice provided for that purpose, which will incorporate specific advice for exercising your rights.